Snow Day

This morning I woke up to snow on the ground, which generally isn’t a happy surprise for someone like me — but today was different. The snow covered everything so beautifully, how could I not be in an awesome mood? Of course I’m sure that sleeping in until 10:00 AM, eating homemade crumpets with honey butter for breakfast, enjoying some quality time in the studio and spending the day with my better half didn’t hurt my good mood either… Whatever the case may be, I’ll take it. 

Happy (belated) Halloween everyone!

I realize it is no longer October 31st…but I just have to share this with you! This is a video that my husband, my friends/wedding photographers Claire & Andy  and I put together. It was so much fun to put this together. Thank you Claire, Andy & Emily (our outstanding make-up artist).

PS — Yes, I did indeed tie the knot recently. I blame both wedding planning and mononucleosis for my rather long absence from the blogging world — but I’m back and drawing away. More to come. 

the birds

Once I was sitting on a beach in Seattle, when all of a sudden a flock of seagulls flew over my head and, while my head was turned, a seagull dropped a bomb right on my ankle…which also splattered on my pants and purse.


I still like birds though. This piece proves it! It’s a gift for my sister and still a work in progress but should be done soon.

Fighting boredom one drawing at a time

The other day I was bored, but instead of twiddling my thumbs and staring blankly into space, I pulled a few dying Prismacolor and Sharpie markers out of my bulging pencil case and went to work. It was really fun, especially the hair and shirt — oh man, I love drawing hair and any sort of pattern. And aren’t the colors pretty? That green is quite possibly one of my favorite colors around. 

Excited, excited!

Just wanted to share the thumbnails for a few pieces I’m working on and am really excited about. They’re not my usual subjects…I think Mother’s Day being around the corner had something to do with it. Soon they should be done and ready for your viewing pleasure. Until then, use your imaginations.

Breaking in the sketchbook

New sketchbooks are intimidating strangers. Their covers are smooth and pages blank, daring you to make that very first mark. Unlike those sketchbooks that are faithful companions for months, new sketchbooks don’t hold any of your experiences, successes or frustrations. New sketchbooks are waiting to have their character decided by you. Intimidating. 

Or maybe I just think too much.
Either way, I finished my old sketchbook and bought a new one. As usual it’s taken me a while to get going in it. For whatever reason the first few pages of my new sketchbooks get me into a rather frustrating “sketchbook block.” Hopefully that ends soon.
These are a the first few pages of my new sketchbook and a few of the last pages from my old one, listed newest-oldest.

Wacom tablets are F-U-N

Last week I made an important purchase: I BOUGHT A WACOM TABLET! Hooray for technology! I’ve been wanting one for a while now and finally bit the bullet. Let me just say that bullet has been well worth it.

To celebrate, I drew the silly images above. They’re a bit different than my normal style but I figured what the heck, why not branch out a bit? My personal favorite is the elephant. I couldn’t help but giggle as I drew him.

Painting party at my house

I have been procrastinating today for quite some time. This is mostly because, well, I simply haven’t wanted to do the things that were on today’s to-do list. What was today you ask? The answer is STUDIO HOUSEWORK DAY! Hooray…? This means that I:
1. Budgeted the studio monies. 
This is by far the worst thing about studio housework day. It simply takes much longer than it should to budget and plan monetary stuff when your right-brain has engulfed most of your already rather feeble left-brain.
2. Designed promotional mailers. 
Honestly I rather like doing this, it just takes time away from what I love most, which is painting/drawing. But thanks to self-discipline, you’ll be seeing them soon Mr. Postman (or Ms. Postlady)
3. Worked on the new design for my currently rather simple, but functional, website
This also isn’t really a terrible task; in fact it’s rather satisfying to take something that already works and make it even better. I’m just so much more partial to working with my hands than a screen that the thought of designing for an extended period of time makes me feel a bit anxious.
4. Went to the gym…..
Wait; that’s not technically studio housework…but let me just say that running 3 miles was very much necessary for the preservation of my already rather fragile sanity, especially after crunching numbers and sitting in front of a computer all day.
Today’s outcome: Success, most definitely. 
My reward: a yummy apple fritter from my favorite local bakery + a “paint whatever I want” party. Happy studio housework day, Leslie. (It wasn’t so bad.)